Shift Your State Of Mind

Shift Your State Of Mind

Hello there, how are you?

Hope you're having a good one so far.

Let’s spend a few minutes in presence together.

Come fully into the present moment intentionally.

Bring all your attention here — into this moment.

Looking around your space, as you listen to life.

All your attention focused on observing your environment.

Listening to life.

Can you feel that little bit of a shift that always comes into your body immediately when you drop fully into now — into the present moment?

When you bring your attention fully into the present moment, you shift into a different mind state.

Can you feel it?

Let’s set an intention to remain in silence now, to deepen your connection to silence over the next few minutes.

Feel your intention being set inside your body.


Let’s think a little bit about what mind states are, and why it's important to recognize which mind state you're in, at any given moment.

One way to think about mind states is to think about the filter through which you're perceiving life.

What’s the filter through which you're thinking about whatever you're thinking about in this moment?

Is there anger in the filter?

If there is, then you have a mind state tinted with anger.

Is there tiredness?

Is there joy?

What are the filters through which you're processing life in this moment?

How is your filter particularly colored in this moment?

Answering that for yourself is a clean way to think about what a mind state is.

It's also an good way to recognize the current mind state that you're in.

Can you distinguish when you're in particular mind states — or identify subtle changes to your mind states?

By intentionally noticing the different mind states you experience, you'll also start noticing more subtle shades and colors that make up your mind states.

Then, you’ll notice shifts to your mind state as they occur automatically throughout your day more naturally.

You'll also get better at shifting intentionally whenever you identify that you're in — or tinted by — a particular state of mind.

Noticing a mind state filter, as opposed to continuing to live through that filter, can trigger you to set an intention to make a shift.

Let’s do that.

What's your mind state like right now?

How would you characterize it, if you wanted to give it a couple adjectives?

Mine feels a bit tired.

It's fairly late here, and I didn't sleep great last night.

When I get tired, I can get frustrated a bit more easily.

My tolerance for stress goes down.

So those qualities are coloring my mind state right now.

What’s coloring your mind state?

Now that we've identified some of the colors influencing our inner worlds, let's drop more deeply into presence and feel our unwanted mind states falling away.

To drop more deeply into the present moment, close your eyes — and put all your attention into noticing your body — the buzzing life of you.

Let go of all thoughts with me for a while.

Just feel the miracle — the buzzing life of you.

Knowing you don't need to do anything right now.

Your body's taking care of all of it.

Keeping you alive.



Taking in oxygen.

Feeding itself.

Allow that process to happen on its own, naturally.

Just be with your body.

Be with yourself, listening and feeling for a minute.

Feel that tingling amplifying in your hands and your arms now.

Feel it throughout the rest of your body too now.

Your body buzz will get even more noticeable as you drop deeply into presence.

Feel your body buzz growing.

If you get distracted, just bring your attention back to noticing your body buzz.

Let whatever mind state you noticed and identified earlier merge into presence.

Melt into life.


Do you feel any different?

Has your mind state shifted at all?

Do you feel more at peace?


Keep feeling your body buzz as long as you want to.

Stay present for the rest of your day or night too.

I'm gonna sign off.

Have a great one.

I'll talk to you soon.


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