Apr 21, 2022 • 5M

Shift Unwanted Thoughts

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Dr. Sean Sullivan
OnePerfect Shift is an audio letter from a psychologist that shifts you into a better state of mind anytime. Each post gives you a fresh look at your relationship to your mind and reminds you how much control you can have over your life experience.

Let's take a long deep breath.

And another.


Come fully into this moment.

All of our attention right here.

Listening, looking, seeing, being, feeling.

Noticing all the details.


Let's set that intention to shift into a state of mind that you want to be in for the day.

Did you set the intention?

Can you feel that intention to shift bubbling up inside you?

It’s part of the Shift — it’s how you get started.

One reason that I often reflect on about why it's so useful to start my day with shifting into a better state of mind when I wake up — I shift fully into presence, usually by talking through a Shift like this — is that:

The state of mind that you are in at any moment precedes the nature of the inner experience that you'll have in any moment.

A big part of your inner experience is the thoughts that your mind and body produce.

So the key to remember is that the thoughts that you will produce occur within a state of mind and body that enables those particular thoughts.

So when you bring yourself into a state of mind and a state of body that feels light, that feels present, that feels alive, that feels engaged, that feels right here and right now, fully present — as opposed to ruminating about the past, or fearfully projecting the future, the thoughts that flow through you will take you into that next step of your day with the least amount of resistance.

Certain states of mind and body allow you to feel like you want to connect with the people you love — like you want to connect with life.

Depending on your state, how you connect and love is going to be completely changed — completely different.

Intentionally shifting into the state of mind you want to be in —which begins with shifting into presence — is so incredibly powerful.

That fact is something we often overlook.

Often, when we’re having a negative sequence of thoughts we will try to think our way out of that situation — think our way out of that sequence of thoughts — rather than first shifting our mind and body intentionally into a better state of mind, before we review what thoughts are emerging and how we want to shift them.

When you shift into a better emotional state first, you have a much better opportunity to address whatever it is that you might have been struggling with — whatever those thoughts are that you want to shift when your state was lower, and heavier, and less present.

So let’s take another deep breath and come fully into this moment.

Come fully into presence.

Let’s sit together in silence for a little while.

Observing and appreciating life.

Listen to life going by for a while.

Feel it.

Feel that shift?

Now ask yourself, what are you grateful for in your life?

So often for me, it’s as simple as the sun shining through the window.

body of water during sunset

The sun is such a cue to connecting to the miraculousness of the life that we each get to engage with — that we each get to live, every moment, every day.

You notice it if you’re present.

Does connecting with that make you feel grateful and connected too?

What else is it for you?

What's the smallest thing that triggers you to shift into a state of presence?

What's that tiniest cue that you can take away from today knowing that you can always turn to it as a trigger into presence?

What presence cue can you take with you today?

Got it?


Have your unwanted thoughts shifted at all?

I hope so.

I wish you a present rest of your day.

Talk to you soon.

Have a good one.


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