The New Year Shift

The New Year Shift

Enjoy the background waves…

Happy New Year, friend!

Let’s make it a great one :)

Take a long, deep breath.

How have you been?

How were your holidays?

How's life?

It's so nice to be back talking to you again.

Let’s relax our shoulders on our next exhale.

Allow your whole body to sink into the present moment.

Just listening to life.

Feel the gratitude that engulfs you when you listen to life.

Focus 100% of your attention on listening to life.

Life is good.

Life is beautiful.

I'm so grateful to be back in the saddle in a new year connected with you.

Can you hear the dogs?

The dogs are ready for a new year.

Have you heard the saying, “If I were half the person my dog thinks I am, I'd be twice the human I am.”

( Charles Yu said it btw )

Dogs are very perceptive about how a human treats them.

They're a mirror.

Dogs feel you.

Dogs are also extremely forgiving.

They'll give you another chance — again and again.

The way they look at you tells you about how they feel you treat them.

Do you have animals in your life?

I'm scratching the back of one now.

Take another deep breath and come fully into the present moment.

Let's set an intention for this entire year to return to presence whenever we notice we’ve drifted away.

We get off-kilter when our brain starts to run too fast.

Presence begins to reduce.

That's when we go off track.

So, our intention is to bring ourselves back into the present moment whenever we feel off, (i.e., when you feel stressed).

Stress can be a signal that your inner life feels are odds with your central purpose — your unique life purpose.

That's why I love the idea of setting an intention to be as present as you can this year.

Last year, I set the intention to listen to more music.

Music can be an immediate presence-maker.

Opening yourself to listening to different kinds of music is a way to bring yourself into presence — just like a hard workout can bring you into presence, or a hard run, or jumping into the ocean.

Jumping into cold water brings you immediately into presence.

That's partly why a lot of people believe in taking cold baths, or cold plunges, regularly.

For other people, watching birds makes them immediately present.

For my dad, playing tennis, being a tennis competitor — a tennis champion — is one of the things that brings him into presence.

My dad lives deeply in presence for long stretches.

He taught me to prioritize presence.

He taught me about that beautiful relationship that you can have to life that is so uniquely yours — so presently yours.

So… do you want to set that intention with me to be present for 2024?

We’ll return to presence as a priority.

Why don't we solidify that resolution together by listening to life again for 30 seconds?

I'm out here listening to waves and feeling gratitude.

Listen with me.

Now feel gratitude vibrate through the buzz of your body as you listen to life in full presence.


Happy New Year to you and yours!

I hope you have a great one.

Let's be present as much as we can.

Presence brings peace and silence to a loud world.

And that brings peace to our inner lives.

Those two things really do sync up, right?

How peaceful you are in your inner world is how peaceful your entire world becomes.

Let's do it together.

I’m grateful for you being out there — and being able to talk to you each week.

I'm also excited for what's ahead for us for the coming year.

I'll keep you posted.

I hope you had a great holiday!

Talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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