What is a Shift?

What is a Shift?

Let's shift while I answer some questions.

A Shift is a digital experience that navigates you into an intentional state of mind.

Hello again,

I love sharing Shifts with you, and that so many people have been enjoying them.

You’re always welcome to shift your mind and body with me.

Thank you for being here!

In over twenty years in psychology, intentionally shifting into the mind state that you want to be in is the most beautiful and useful activity that I’ve found.

So in each Shift we do — including this one — we’ll take a rejuvenating dive into presence and we’ll explore our minds and then strategically shift our states together.

Today, I’ll also share more about why we shift repeatedly — and I’ll say more about how you can get the most out of doing it.

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Let’s take a long deep breath to begin this Shift.

Set your intention now to become fully present for a while — and to maintain that presence for the rest of our day too.

Set that intention now.

Did you set it?

Is all your attention fully here now?

Are you doing one thing at a time — committed to being fully present to that one thing?


Let’s amplify our intention by dropping further into presence.

Just listening to life together for our next 10 seconds here.

All our attention focused on only listening to sounds in your environment.

Listen to the world go by.




I’m hearing the branches scratching against the top of the beach hut here.

Nice little mini-shift there.

Why do we shift?

I shift because shifting develops your ability to focus your attention when and where you choose to.

And I’ve needed to develop that in my life, repeatedly.

In my experience, shifting consistently — even if you don’t feel like you NEED to right now — improves your ability to shift your state of mind in those moments when you do feel like you NEED to right now.

As you get better at shifting yourself on demand, you’ll also improve a couple key aspects of your emotional intelligence — your self-awareness and your self-regulation skills.

But what really motivates me to drop into a Shift each day — to take a deep dive as we’ll do today — is that shifting feels amazing because it brings you more fully into presence.

It’s intentional.

Depending on your day, you might want to release some stress, or get yourself more motivated, or feeling more confident, or more purposeful — more purpose-filled.

Shifting gets you more connected to the big picture.

We all need each of those things at different times, right?

A few minutes shifting invariably leaves you feeling more connected to a sense of purpose, which can then drop you deeper into your work, or your art, or your family, your love — your life — whatever it’s important for you to be present for right now.

For me, shifting is the core daily activity that keeps me feeling present and purposeful and intentional.

So it’s actually the life experience that consistent shifting leads to that keeps me shifting regularly — and has done so for years.

I love recording them.

And, I love shifting with you.

I also massively appreciate that you’re listening, and reading, and enjoying the benefits with me.

So all that bodes well for a future of Shifts.

In case you’re not aware, if you ever want to you can hear the waves rolling in the background usually by tapping ‘play’ at the top of any Shift.

Come listen here in the beach hut with me.

Listening can deepen your shifting experience.

Or, you can just read slowly through any Shift.

As you listen or read, breathe deeply — so long as it feels good to you.

Let’s breathe deeply for 2 deep, intentional breaths.


Slowing down intentionally.

Find your groove.

Take your time to get the most benefit.

Deep presence.

It’s worth it, if you get yourself into it.

It’s helpful for being intentional about being present for family, and friends, and appreciating the gift of life that we share together.

Again, coming into that big picture — even when it’s not always easy.

If you want to further your shifting you can try the OnePerfect Shift app too.

I won’t spend too much time on it here as we shift, but there are lots of years of love and presence in that app.

It’s very personal.

And it works extremely well if you invest your time and attention.

I’ll share more about the app at the end today — how you can try it free.

Take a look at it if you want to.

If you like Shifts you’ll love the app.

Okay, let’s take a deeper dive into presence now.

When I say ‘deep dive’ during a Shift, by the way, what I'm talking about is setting an intention to come more fully into presence by placing 100% of your attention into the present moment for a while, for an extended while — not just for a few seconds.

Because sinking deeply into that space for a while, and just being in that place, in presence, at peace, connecting to life intentionally, is a way of rejuvenating.

Sometimes I'll talk you through some of that, depending on what the Shift topic is.

But for today, let's just take a pure deep dive to shift together.

Starting with another deep breath.

Reset that sincere intention to come fully into presence with me for the coming minutes.

How about 3 deep breaths in a row?

And on your third breath, bring all your attention into noticing the sensations of your breath.

Notice the air brushing against your nostrils.

Feel it?

And now notice the sensations of your whole body.

Shift from noticing the sensations of your nostrils, into your whole body.

Feel the tingling aliveness of you.


Keep feeling your body buzz.

OK, good.

If you’ve closed your eyes, open them up.

Let's shift to studying our environments now.

I'm seeing the sun pouring in here through the hut window, onto my arms, and onto the couch.

Every time I look, I see something new that reminds me of the beauty that we're all embedded in, and we’re all surrounded by.

When we come into presence and just observe, you can’t help but notice it.

So just live for a while.

Just be.

What do you see?

Be with it.

The beauty of presence.

Allow all your thoughts about the future or the past to fade away for a while.

Don't get dragged around by the future.

Be here, in the present.

Why don't we walk outside for a little bit?

And listen to waves for a minute.

Just listening to life.

Fully in this moment.


If you only have a little time each day that you want to dedicate all your intention and your priority to living as presently as you can, place that intention into this moment, right now.

Let's recharge together.

Listening to life with ALL your attention.

(Keep listening)

Waves crashing.


All right.

Feeling good? Feeling present?

Stay with it if you want.

That catches you up from here and sets us on the right path:

Presence for the day.

Hope you're having a beautiful, present day wherever you are.

I’ll talk to you soon.


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Alright, have a great day.

More about the OnePerfect Shift app

With the support of the Regents of University of California, we built a hyper-personalized consumer & enterprise mobile app platform to teach how to strategically shifting how you feel anytime.

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Using the app, over 95% of people who've been surveyed reported that they were able to shift toward or into their ideal state of mind in 5-10 minutes.

The OnePerfect app is like an on-demand therapist one tap away anytime you want to shift into a better mind state.

Start your day off right, make a shift on your coffee break, get yourself motivated to perform your best, shift out of stress, or sadness, or loneliness, or even fall asleep.

OnePerfect Shift is very personal.

One big reason that the app is very personal is that you can add your own personally recorded insights into your own app Shifts — so they become extremely targeted to your personal objectives.

The app also tracks your progress and has lots of targeted multimedia Shifts and programs.

Download the app and use the free trial month to see if you like it.

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Did you know that the OnePerfect Shift app is free if your employer, your school, or some other organization subscribes on your behalf?

Feel free to tell an organization you care about to contact us for a free trial.

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