Shift Into Presence (1)

Shift Into Presence (1)

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Hello there, friend.

Let's take a long deep breath and focus on the master skill for enjoying a peaceful life.

Knowing how to shift your state of mind when you choose to is the master skill of life.

Shifting into peace consistently is the master skill of living a peaceful life.

Let's take another deep breath.

Feel your body relax as your shoulders fall towards the ground.

Allow all your muscles to relax.

Just settle into presence with me for a little while.

Set that intention to shift your mind and body away from whatever has been consuming your inner world.

Maybe it’s repetitive thoughts, or a feeling of never-ending responsibilities.

Let them all go for now.

Whatever your body is carrying, let it all go.

Just relax.

Stretch out a little bit.

Move your head from side to side.

Pull your shoulders back for a few seconds.

Then relax them on your next out breath.


Let’s set a specific intention to shift our state of mind and body now.

Set the intention that in a couple of minutes you'll feel yourself in a more peaceful state of mind and state of body.

Can you feel that intention being set inside your body?

Feel it.


Let's listen to life together for a short while.

Listen with 100% of your attention.

If you notice anything distracting you — any thoughts, any tasks that you're supposed to do, anything that was bothering you — just breathe into whatever arises in your inner world.

Then, let it go — as you return to listening to life for a while.

Notice the sounds of life that we wouldn't otherwise notice.


Whenever we shift our minds we affirm that we can take ownership of how we feel whenever we choose to.

We can shift how we feel.

That’s a big deal!

We can shift our state of body.

We can shift our state of mind.

In some cases it takes just a few seconds.

Other times it takes a little longer.

Some days, it’s so much harder to shift than it is on others.

But if you practice, as we do here, you can become able to shift into a better state within a couple minutes most of the time.

Whenever you notice that you're feeling out of whack somehow, take a long deep breath to begin shifting your state of mind and body.

Then, intend yourself into presence by listening to life with all your attention.

Feel life and be life for a while.

Sometimes shifting takes a little bit more focus.

That might include having a conversation with yourself to remind yourself to notice whatever it is that’s filling your mind and body with stress, and therefore, pulling you out of the present moment.

If you’re particularly stressed, you might need to listen to your own inner dialogue closely for a while in order to fully hear the conversation that’s propelling and maintaining any stress you're feeling.

Let’s do that now.

Close your eyes if you’d like to.

Take another deep breath.

Relax further.

Relax your shoulders again.

Come into this moment again — the present moment.

Re-assert your intention to come into peace and presence.

Listen to your inner world with 100% of your attention for ~20 seconds.

If any thoughts or feelings arise to add stress to your inner world — to your mind or your body — just notice them.

Take note of each distraction.

Then take a deep breath, let it go, and allow yourself to relax further again.

Let everything go and listen to your inner world again.

Anytime you get distracted, just note whatever arose and then release it — return to your intention to listen to your inner dialogue again.


Nice job.

Did you notice any distractions arising in your inner world?

It's so helpful to make a note of what you observe.

If you do that consistently you'll begin to see patterns of what arises in your inner world when you get stressed.

Over time, you’ll more easily connect to the present moment.

That’s our intention today — shifting into peace and presence.

So again, let everything go now.

Place 100% of your attention into being fully present in this moment.

Allow peace to envelope your entire body.

Feel peace moving into your toes, and through your feet, and slowly up your entire body now.

Feel the peaceful tingling of life subsuming your body for a while.

Feel peacefulness arising within you.

Feel life.

Feel presence.

Feel stillness.

Feel silence filling your body with peace.

Listening to the sounds of the world with all your attention, without making any judgement, fills you with peace.

Listen to whatever arises and whatever fades away.

Do you feel peace?

Enjoy the feeling of being.


Notice how you feel right now.

Has there been a shift away from your thinking mind?

If you shifted at all, you proved to yourself that you're able to shift your mind and body whenever you choose, in just a couple of minutes.

Don't forget that.

Each time you use that skill — each time you shift strategically — it becomes easier and easier to do it again.

Great job!

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Listen to life and to your loved ones with all your attention.

Love someone.

Stay present,


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