Shift Into Presence (2)

Shift Into Presence (2)

Our intention with the ‘Shift Into Presence’ series is to get you to the skill level where no matter how you're feeling at any moment, you can shift yourself into presence by taking just one long, deep breath.

That would be ideal, right?

That's what we're looking for.

It is possible to take one long, deep breath and come into presence — if you've practiced developing the skill of shifting your state of mind and body on-demand.

Take another deep breath, and feel yourself coming more into presence than you felt a moment ago.

Feel your body shift into presence as you take that long, deep breath — and then listen to life with 100% of your attention.

You are 30 trillion buzzing cells right now — always.

You're buzzing as part of the miracle of life.

You're connected to the miracle.

Can you feel the miracle on your skin?

Listen to, hear and feel the miracle for a while.

Breathe the miracle.

BE with all your attention, fully understanding what you're doing:

Being the miracle of life.

Be here, buzzing.

Feel yourself fully as presence.

Allow all thoughts to fade away.

Allow all stress to fade away.

Listen and feel.

Notice what comes up.

Inevitably, you'll be interrupted by a thought, a stress, a to-do list, a worry, an attachment.

What do you do then?

Take another long, deep breath.

Drop back into presence, bringing 100% of your attention to listening, to being.

Turn all your attention to your favorite portals of presence.

If you get distracted again, listen to life again.

Be here.

Be now.

Be okay.


If something persistent arises in your inner world, notice — what is it about that thing?

What is it that you can't let go?

Let go of your attachment to whatever it is, for now.

Maybe you're feeling judged negatively, or you're judging yourself negatively?

Are you worried about what you'll have to go back to after you take this respite?

Let go, for now.

If you always return to presence, life gets beautiful.

It takes some time.


It only takes a moment.

Take one long, deep breath.

Return to presence with a long, deep breath anytime you get distracted away.


Allow your shoulders to relax more now.

Allow your arms to fall toward the ground.

Feel your body against whatever you're sitting against.

Feel that body buzz.

Deepen into presence and just sit for a while.

Let's listen to life together for one minute.

Another long, deep breath.

Set that intention to be fully present for a minute or so.

Notice how you feel right now.

Blend how you feel — present — into knowing yourself as aspect of the miracle of life.

Blend your awareness further into the miraculous, buzzing edges of your body — your skin.

There is no separation between the life on your skin and the air you're pulling in.

Be life for a while longer.




Shift fully into presence.

Life is good.

Life is beautiful.

Life can also be stressful.

That's why we practice shifting into presence.

You can always modulate your emotional life by taking a long, deep breath and then opening up to the bigger picture of which you're part — before you zoom back in to the life you're living today.

Remain connected to the body, and the life, you're evolving through.

Feel yourself as buzzing silence for ten, long, seconds, more…



Have a great rest of your day.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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