Shift Unhappiness

Shift Unhappiness

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Did you know that ‘unhappiness’ has increased worldwide by over 43% between 2007 and 2021?

Source: Gallup 2022

Let’s Shift Unhappiness together.

That seems to be the call of our era.

So let’s take a long deep breath.

Bring 100% of your attention into the present moment by listening to the life occurring around you for a few seconds right now.

Feel your body shifting into a deeper connection with this moment, as you listen.

Feel that?

Twenty five years in psychology has taught me that most people are capable of learning how to strategically shift their state of mind when they choose to.

OnePerfect has been measuring that observation for years now.

It turns out that shifting how you feel in a few minutes is not that difficult to do for most people completing Shifts.

Over 95% of post-Shift surveys confirm that the person shifted toward or into their desired state of mind while completing the Shift.

That’s important news right now because shifting your state of mind strategically can help alleviate each of the 5 components of ‘unhappiness’ that Gallop measures and reports on —

  1. Sadness

  2. Stress

  3. Anger

  4. Worry

  5. Physical pain

We’ve found that the most difficult part of shifting is simply getting yourself to recognize that you need to begin shifting your state in the moments when you really need to.

Shifts help you address that challenge too because completing Shifts develop the self-awareness that is necessary to identify those moments when you need to shift yourself into a better state — so you can take action.

Developing that skill requires repetition of practice which is why I focus on delivering enjoyable Shifts to subscriber’s inboxes.

Thankfully, people are loving Shifts.

I suspect that’s because the Shift community is purpose-focused.

A large portion of the worldwide increase in unhappiness is related to a decline in people feeling a sense of life purpose.

So we prioritize shifting into peace, presence and flow because those mind-body states cultivate an implicit sense of personal meaning.

Feeling connected to your life amplifies your sense of connection to others which nourishes foundational aspect of yourself.

That’s what I love most about shifting.

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Shifts take you beyond happiness.

Feeling supported, valued and loved are feelings most of us need in order to feel consistently at peace.

And feeling at peace helps connect you to meaning and purpose.

That’s why ‘shifting’ includes becoming aware of what's occurring not only in your outside world, but also in your inner world — the world that exists inside your brain and body.

Your inner world is the world through which your thoughts and intuitions — and all those things that trigger you out of presence — flow.

Observing your inner world requires dropping into presence.

You need to create some space inside yourself (some presence) in order to listen and see what's occurring within.

When you do that you start to see some patterns playing out in your inner world.

When you listen to your inner world closely you see a world of relationships being maintained within you in every moment — a moving world.

Your history of relationships is accessible when you become present to your inner world too.

The more often you shift into presence, the more clear your inner world can become to you.

When you see your inner world clearly, you can influence so much more of your life experience.

Perhaps most important though is that completing Shifts makes it easier to navigate yourself into a better state of mind and body in those moments when you really need to shift.

Shifting always starts with attending all your attention in this moment.

So let’s take a long deep breath.

Again, bring 100% of your attention into the present moment.

Focusing your attention again on listening to life.

Listen to the sounds you otherwise would not hear for 10 seconds.

Notice the subtle change that occurs in your inner world as you focus all your attention on listening to life.

Feel that?

I feel it.

I love shifting with you.

Shifting together is being in community.

Shifting together is a form of supporting each other.

Let’s set an intention to remain fully present to each moment of our lives for the rest of today.

Can you feel that intention being set inside your body now?

I can.

Feel it.


If you’d like to Shift Unhappiness further today choose the Shift below that targets a component of unhappiness that is occupying your attention the most in this moment.

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I’ll let you know when Shifts that target physical pain become available — and add them to the list of Shifts above.

Have a present day.

I’ll talk to you soon.



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